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How does it work?

  • Every entity can place one bid for one world only! It does not matter if the entity would like to place a bit on several offerings. This is possible, but only one bid per offering.

  • Before finalizing the transaction I will have a chat with the buyer first. I need to ensure that my creations are in good hands.

  • The buyer needs to ensure that the purchase can be finalized within 2 weeks.

  • The buyer can choose between payment in € or Bitcoin and Ethereum and will receive a proper invoice for the purchase, of course.

  • All worlds will be delivered as level design only creations! For example all visible stores will come empty. The videos are meant for visualizing what's possible.

If you like a world you can place a bid for it now.

Please insert the following information into the form:

1. Which Creation: *name* of creation or "whole company"
2. Bid: e.g. € 1

3. Payment Method: € or BTC/ETH

Business Meeting
Coding Station

What will you get?

1. The complete source code and Unreal Engine 4 project like it was stored.

2. I will give you a full brief and introduction to the whole project. And you can ask me anything, of course. Each purchase includes 4 hours of consulting time.

3. Everything that you can see within the video clips is included withing the purchase in terms of the creations.

What is required?

You will need to have Unreal Engine developers or a game studio which can support you to bring everything to live.

All pieces are not out-of-the-box ready to use so to say, because it requires way more to ship a true user-facing experience.

But, it can save you a lot of time in getting started or getting something to build on top of it. Everything can get used or completely changed based on your ideas.

This will save you a lot of time and money!

Video Game Designers

Place your bid now!



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Thanks for submitting your bid!

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