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My first piece!

#1 was my first ever complete creation.

I can remember spending endless nights and days incl. weekends to make it work.
I did not have any clue in regards to optimizing, baking, asset merging, etc. and back then my PC was o.k., but I needed way more power.

The villa which you can see was my first residential building ever!
Today I would build it in a different way and more detailed, but that was 2019 and I just got started to create.

The Concept:

#1 was meant as a first showcase that gaming does not only have to be Gaming.

I am not a gamer and I wanted to create a shopping "game" with some social interaction.

I wanted to create a nice place where you can meet and have fun virtually, but way more life-like.

Have a look at the video clip which shows how everything looks.

I am still very proud of it because today is just the evidence that i was totally right and that the months of hard work were worth it.

Creation Year: 2019



The vMall was my idea of turning eCommerce into vCommerce.

An immersive and much more life-like online shopping experience.

Have a look which brands I took for this showcase to visualize the power.

The Concept:

vMall was meant to create a complete way how to shop. Different stores for different needs.

Fashion, Lifestyle and other cool stuff.

Creation Year: 2020

Save Island

My second work!

Save island still is and was something really special.
It was the logical consequence of #1.

Shopping, conferences, music, entertainment and infotainment on one engaging place.

Furthermore it was the first creation with a true purpose and this beast really nearly burned me out.

It was one thing to create a small 3D experience or to create a complete open island!

I worked my way through it and I was very satisfied with the results.
It is not perfect, of course and there needs to be a lot optimizing done for a shipping release.

But, as you can see within the clip, it's working and existing.

I started back in 2019 not only because I thought 3D will be the future, no.

My vision was back then already to use the chance of 3D worlds to free us humans from algorithms and social media bubbles.

Those are the biggest inventions and the biggest curse as well.
Today socail media bubbels are out of control and reach.

The Concept:

Save Island was created after I participated in the biggest Hackathon in Germany with around 45k participants.

It was called "Hack The Virus" and was meant to find solutions in times of COVID, quick.

My idea was a virtual COVID information center which can transport information in a way more understandable and immersive way. Nearly nobody got the idea, because it was 2020 and nobody heart about "The Metaverse" yet.

After the Hackathon I was even more convinced that a nice fair virtual playground might be the solution to fight social media bubbles, digital manipulation and fake news.

Have a look at "Save Island" and you will be surprised what's all there.

It all starts with the Covid center and the "Good Cause" float.

Afterward, you can discover the whole map and you have different areas for different purposes.

I wanted to create a place in times of Covid where I just can forget about what is going on outside.

Where I can meet my friends, go shopping or get a way better conference experience than a Zoom call. And afterward, we go to a party or watch a movie in the cinema.

That was my idea for Save Island.

Creation Year: 2020



My first true masterpiece! Created 2021

ALISSIA SPACES was again the logical consequence of what I was already doing.

This time I wanted to develop the first "Metaverse-like" experience.

I had some showcase clients and I created and designed what you will see.

And I finally added an avatar system.

The Concept:

Everything starts with a destination.
A home to start the journey into the upcoming Metaverse.

ALISSIA SPACES was my definition of a first "Metaverse Gateway".

You have  totally different virtual worlds which are interconnected.
The user can visit all of them with only ONE avatar and account.
Everyone gets their own place as well, of course.

That was my first visualization of how my understanding of the Metaverse was and still is.

Creation Year: 2021


Winter Wonderland

My last completely own creation!

Actually I planned to continue with ALISSIA SPACES, but I needed help and partnered with a gaming studio which turned out just to exist out of one person with less skills.

This went really bad, took for ever and nothing got finished.

In the end of the day I was sitting at the beginning of December 2021 infront of my PC searching for a solution.

I wanted to release something for Christmas and New Year and the result is Winter Wonderland.

The Concept:

A map focused on Art (Music and Art).

Galleries, Clubs and pop-up locations are embedded within a nice environment.

You can tell that I am living near the Alps ;-).

Creation Year: 2021


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